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Seduction techniques

Posted on 11th April 2012

by Bob Narindra

One of the most important aspects of making love is the seduction. Even if you have been active partners for a while, a good seduction really helps elevate the enjoyment of making love.

The seduction of the word comes from a Latin word which means to deceive. Just the word itself conjures up many images of what a great seduction include:

Is Seduction
Pouting lips and puppy dog ​​eyes, kisses and soft touches around the neck, chest and groin, whispering softly in his ear how much he wants and how she knows he loves her too.
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Sexy Phone Calls

Posted on 11th February 2012

by Shannon Brettania

Sexy Phone Calls
This is a continuation of the theme “Love your own path.” This time we’ll see another way to do that … with a phone.

If you are in a long distance relationship or are away from your lover for any amount of time, you have the opportunity to have a sensual encounter over the phone! Surprise your lover with some sexy flirting and leave your thoughts fresh in your mind, or go a little further and really excited. In this article, not told how to phone sex as they do in the movies. In fact, I do not even know how to do that. Instead, I’ll be inspired to use their own personality and sexuality to excite your man over the phone when they are separated.

Add a bit of sensuality to his telephone conversations allows your man the freedom of imagination. You’ll be in front, but you must keep your focus on love for him in his language: sex.

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The truth about sex and the big “O”

Posted on 11th December 2011

by Shannon Brettania

The truth about sex and Big
In the world of sex, a theme seems to appear quite often with women. “Why I can not reach orgasm during intercourse?” It is rumored that there are things you should and should not do to help you get there, but with all the mixed messages that can be very confusing. We decided to get to the bottom of the matter once and for all. We frequently asked questions and provided answers to give the last word on getting your big “O”

Are there certain positions that make it easier for women to get there?
Positions that provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse is very common for women elected positions. For this reason, the woman on top is probably the most common, but also because she is in control of movement, rhythm, pressure and position. There are many positions, however, that friction on the clitoris or do makes the area available for manual stimulation.

Does the size of the penis of a man to determine whether or not it can make her orgasm?
As the size of each man is different, leading to a woman for pleasure is different. A reader said that of all the men she had been with the man with the smallest penis I had seen in her life led her to orgasm more easily than the rest. In fact, says that in the first five minutes, every time I orgasm. To add the size of a does not meet all the demand, many women swear it’s the girth, not length that is done for them. The moral of the story: every woman is different, and that is what makes her orgasm. Take your time and experiment with different positions and play with your fingers to see where you need the stimulation. Click here to read more.. »

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